Garmin Etrex 20X Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Garmin Etrex 20X Black Friday Deals 2022.

The Garmin eTrex 20x is the very best option to get an inexpensive, committed, outdoor prepared hiking GPS. You will find far more expensive versions, and also smartphone alternatives, however, to get plenty of hikers, the eTrex 20x can give you the very best bang for your dollar. This is why I advocate it.

Garmin Etrex 20X Black Friday Deals

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Exactly what the Garmin eTrex 20x Is and Isn’t

The eTrex 20x is a little, outdoor prepared mapping GPS unit. You’re able to adhere to a pre-made trail or path or browse to your waypoint. Or you may navigate by taking a look at the rich maps on the little color display. It is waterproof, rugged, and outside prepared (so unlike many phones, you can lose it without repainting the display ).
Should you read the reviews to the eTrex 20x (particularly on Amazon), then you will observe that a lot of men and women give it nonstars and whine about those maps. Garmin’s advertising makes it look as if you’re able to start mapping out drops from the box for this item, and it is not correct.

Garmin carries a base map that will essentially let you know what city you are in and which interstate is near you. It is fairly useless, BUT BUT BUT you can acquire absolutely free topographic maps and load them onto the device very easily. It’s not necessary to purchase expensive Garmin maps. And Garmin supplies a completely free program named Basecamp (Windows and Mac) which is a fantastic tool for organizing routes and loading them onto the device. I use it all of the time.


For the mild it really is, this item is damn zippy in regards to discovering a sign in both covered and open locations. This had been a little slower than a number of the higher-end components — particularly coming from a slot canyon — but played satisfactorily.

Like the majority of the Garmin units, the eTrex 20x utilizes both GPS and GLONASS systems to lock on a signal. This device also offers a metering compass; unlike a digital compass, so you want to move to determine leadership. It was pretty damn true, however in more protected locations, it did come somewhat.

We also conducted navigation evaluations to better ascertain the truth of the components. We flagged an area and also marked a waypoint. Then we walked away and needed the apparatus to browse back us. All apparatus navigated us back over 40 to 98 inches of their initial waypoint. The eTrex 20x navigated within 85 inches of their initial place. All in all, the unit is quick to reach a sign but much less precise than higher-performing apparatus.

Benefits of Use

The simplicity of the Best Buy winner is exactly what we all fell in love with. This apparatus doesn’t support elaborate wireless sharing choices, a digital compass, or even a barometric altimeter, however, it’s fairly user-friendly. It is a no-nonsense GPS device for fundamental map and orienteering purposes — we think that this is one of the ideal winter apparatus analyzed. The buttoned installation makes indicating a waypoint with thick or thin gloves precise and simple.

Garmin Etrex 20X

As a simplified version from the eTrex line, the 20x does not have a touchscreen. Rather, the surface of the apparatus has a toggle that is employed for either scrolling and picking, in addition to scrolling buttons and a menu on the side, along with a rear button and also a light/power button to the right. With no touch monitor, this enables better cold-weather usage, both due to the switches, and also simpler controls decreasing battery usage.

This apparatus has a similar menu design to additional Garmin devices. Its simple attributes make the menu simple to navigate. One major downside of this device (and consistent with the majority of these Garmin GPS units analyzed is your bottom map. We discovered that we couldn’t completely rely upon this particular map to navigate from point to point as it simply actually comprises road (not path ) information.

Screen Quality

The eTrex series of GPS units would be the tiniest devices we examined — that the display of these 20x steps a mere 2.2 inches. Nonetheless, the backlight is not difficult to adjust and which makes it effortless to see in direct sun, and dim enough not to blind us through the nighttime.

The eTrex 20x includes a 25-hour battery lifetime and crisp screen quality. We found it to be somewhat readable, but if you would like a larger display, a touchscreen eTrex model may be for you personally. However, it has to be considered the additional versions with bigger screens tend to carry bigger price tags also.


What we actually enjoyed about this gadget is how fast it managed to get a new site. Even though the sign was not as precise as other apparatus it had been one of the quickest. Its processing rate was average compared to high-performing devices.

Concerning draw and redraw capacities, the apparatus was amazingly fast because of its size. Like lots of the apparatus within this short article, there has been a rapid pause between perspective zoom and zoom workouts. We also discovered there was a small lag when monitoring a path. Entering waypoint data is also a gradual procedure. This is only because you need to pick each letter using a tap and hit before proceeding into another letter.

Weight and Size

Weighing only 5.1 ounces, that GPS is ideal for stashing off on lengthy, lightweight adventures. We discovered that it had been convenient to stash at a backpacking package, as it had been to hold in our hands whilst outside adventure conducts.

The machine is small enough to fit into a breast pocket or pant pocket for simple accessibility. Additionally, it supplies a stage to girth hitch a lanyard if you opt to wear it on your neck.


As lots of the other components have all kinds of different items tacked on, so far as GPS operates move, this device pretty much covers it. It does not have several (or any) bells and whistles, but nearly all of the other items could be coated with a smartphone, which we’re typically carrying excellent. We’d have enjoyed a barometric altimeter and electronic compass, however, even so, we found it very helpful.

Since it’s really small, light, and lasting, we found it quite easy to throw into a pocket and carry it with us biking, skiing, trekking, and fishing. The controls are simple, the batteries last longer compared to other components, and we can easily utilize them if it was cold, cold, or even outside. A few of the purposes, for example, typing, require just a little bit more, and also the dearth of a barometric altimeter makes a number of the elevation readings less precise, however, all in all, we actually believe this apparatus may be used virtually everywhere.

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