Huawei Honor 8X Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Huawei Honor 8X Black Friday Deals 2022.

Even Though Google and Huawei have Claimed to Encourage Telephones Now On the current market, it isn’t clear how long they will receive Android upgrades or access into this Google Play Store, which could severely impair their usefulness when compared with the contest.

Huawei Honor 8X Black Friday Deals

The Honor 8X is the type of phone you could buy if you would like one That looks fresh, together with all the latest design hints, but does not wish to devote a massive sum of money.

Other Areas of the layout are somewhat less flash, but of course, as well as there Are a couple of little compromises in the hardware. But most problems are trifling things that you have used too fast, such as using a micro USB interface rather than a USB-C.

Key attributes

  •  All-screen front, glass rear, and Metallic framework
  •  Great 1080 x 2340 display
  •  Mid-range CPU is the largest sign This is not a flagship

In Addition, it has a very great Total HD-grade display, a 20MP along with 2MP Dual-lens back camera along with also a 16MP front camera. They seem high-end for the purchase price. So where would be the informs This is a considerably Less Expensive mobile? The Honor 8X includes a mid-sized CPU that may do using a quicker graphics chipset, its own secondary back camera is feeble, and also the charging is a micro USB instead of the usual USB-C. It will not take decent night photographs if you don’t apply the AI Night style . Given that the amount you save in comparison to an ultra-high-end telephone, This sounds a reasonable trade.


The Honor 8X Appears like a number of the most expensive mobiles On the planet, however is a quarter the cost. This isn’t simply the purpose of this telephone, it sums up the whole Honor strategy currently. You get more for the money compared to other recognizable brands.

Really high screen-to-body ratio would be your Specific appearance the Honor 8X not simply emulates, but accomplishes. When we turned on the phone, we’re somewhat shocked. No version so far has provided this kind of all-screen look at the cost. Its Front-on look is really very much like an iPhone XR or even OnePlus 6.

The Honor 8X’s construct Is similar to using these more expensive versions also. Plates of glass comprise the front and rear, and the sides are matte-finish aluminum. There are only a couple of slight indications this is not really in precisely the same course because of a 500-1000 dollar/pound mobile phone.

Slim boundaries of Plastic sit between the metallic and glass components, and the end of the trunk is rather plain. There is no light-reactive coating, not one of the amazing gradients found in another Honor and Huawei mobiles. A subtle two-tone ring prevents it from becoming plain shameful, however, it took a while to notice that was the circumstance. This phone could be Two-tone, however, these 2 tones are colors of black. The Honor 8X also feels much less dense and costly compared to iPhone XS. Thinking about the revolutionary price gap, if That wasn’t the situation it would appear strange.


The Honor 8X includes a large, quite tall 6.5-inch 19.5:9 LCD Using a rather thin notch. Notch-haters can block the top place with a dark bar also. Fresh from the box that the Honor 8X Utilizes a somewhat unruly’vibrant’ Colour style, just not quite as elegant as that of expensive telephones. Some variations look more ailing than vibrant but change to ordinary color style and you’ve got one of the best screens you’ll find in a telephone.

Huawei Honor 8X

Battery lifetime

The Honor 8X includes a 3,750mAh battery, and that does not look huge for A phone using a 6.5-inch display. But like lots of current Huawei and Honor telephones, its real-world stamina is above average. Intense power management Might Be the cause, however, also the Honor 8X does Not yank any far-too-invasive moves such as shutting Spotify or even Podcast Addict because you listen to a podcast. Additional Huawei and audio telephones try so. With a very significant day of usage, including a few hours of sound Streaming, a couple of hours of irregular surfing and about half an hour of YouTube flows, the Honor 8X nevertheless made it into 11 pm. Just.


The Honor 8X’s camera appears, on the outside, almost as Well-spec’d like of top-end Huawei and Honor mobiles. It’s the Celebrated ultra-low mild manner of this Huawei P20 Guru, also a dual-lens method for artificial wide aperture (background blur) shots, along with an AI style. This admits the scene to assist processing, to generate punchier pics.

As you might imagine, the Majority of These are somewhat less powerful, a Small cut back, in comparison with the models from the most expensive Honor/Huawei versions. On the other hand, the audio 8X immediately feels just like a feature-rich camera cellphone. The first Small difficulty we discovered was that the Honor 8X’s fire pace. It is not an instantaneous snapper, using slight camera lag. As it is less conspicuous compared to the Moto G6 show’ very own lag, it is not a significant issue though.

General picture quality from the Most Important 20MP detector together with f/1.8 is Very good also. Daylight shots are very sharp and detailed, with great pixel-level ethics to get a high-res detector and some rather strong dynamic range pole auto-optimization. It manages mixed-light levels nicely.

To find the most ordinary shots, you will want to avoid using the’AI’ Manner too much. This jacks up glow in the blue sky, food, and glass for a mythical appearance. At times the results are extremely punchy, but with regular shooting and trivial with saturation and filters after leaves more space for imagination. Nevertheless, If you are short on time and wealthy in Social Media Followers, possibly the Honor 8X’s AI style will probably be up the street.

The aperture manner, which divides out the background to create your Shots seem as though they were shot using a large lens camera as opposed to a telephone, gets the most evident cutbacks. This uses the secondary back camera to make a 3D depth map of a spectacle, to choose which components must be blurred.

Utilize the committed night manner and sharpness increases radically. This stitches together a run of distinct shots. It requires 5-7 minutes, so you have to stay fairly nonetheless, and it will not do the job nicely with moving topics. However, you can use it handheld and you wind up getting a number of the greatest low light photographs seen at a telephone in the purchase price. Video Catch is restricted, however. Despite most of those pixels tap, the Honor 8X reaches 1080p, 60 frames per minute. The front camera may handle 1080p in 30 frames per minute. There is no 4K shooting, that will be on the Motorola One.

The Honor 8X Is a Superb summation of everything the audio manufacturer is about. It gives phones that feel and look much more costly than they really are. This specific model concentrates upon the front-on appearance. Unbelievably Slim display boundaries and a screen notch are not yet anticipated in a telephone of the purchase price. And we receive them. There are some compromises from the hardware, such as a feeble Secondary back camera, micro USB link, and mid-sized chipset. Even with Those beliefs, however, the Honor 8X is an appealing purchase.

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