Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals 2022.

The G502 Hero is a great MMO mouse. Although it doesn’t contain the same number of buttons as an actual MMO mouse it comes with a lot. It’s also comfortable for those with larger hands, so you can play for long marathons without getting tired. Due to the size of its design users with smaller hands might have difficulty getting each button. Get the black Friday laptop deals for 2022.

Logitech G502 Black Friday Deals


  • Excellently constructed and luxurious feel.
  • Very low latency for clicks and outstanding sensor performance.
  • Many buttons can be programmed.
  • Fully compatible Windows along with mac OS.


  • The large size of the design can make it uncomfortable for people who have small hands.
  • Stiff cable.

Style Lighting Color RGB

The Logitech G502 HERO comes with an extremely aggressive, gamer-centric appearance. It’s pretty high-end with an assortment of glossy black and matte plastic as well as latex. Two RGB zones, one on the logo, and another to serve as its CPI indicator.


Like many wired gaming mice, This mouse isn’t the smallest option for portability. It’s not a good fit for many laptop cases, however, it shouldn’t pose an issue for those searching to purchase a mouse for gaming to match their desk.

Build Quality

The quality of the build is excellent. It’s constructed of strong plastic with latex grips, and the buttons aren’t loose. There is a minor vibration sound emanating generated by the mouse wheel and the lock button on the wheel when you move the mouse.

Logitech G502

Palm Grip: Hand Size Recommendation

The mouse works best with palm grips, with the exception of people with smaller hands since they might have a tough getting to the sniper button.

Fingertip Grip: Hand Size Recommendation

Because of its large size due to its large size, it is difficult to reach the sniper button and CPI-up with a finger strap grip. However, those who have larger hands might not experience these problems.


The G502’s cables are decent. It feels extremely well-constructed however, it is very stiff and can be dragging things around your desk.

Mouse Wheel

The G502’s mouse wheel works fantastic. It’s incremented, but it can be removed to allow the free-scrolling feature to make it easier to navigate long documents or websites. It also has an L/R tilt of the wheel of the mouse, which can be controlled via the software. If you’re looking for an identical gaming mouse that has scroll wheels that you can program to automatically switch between a free-scrolling or notched mode, based on the speed at which you scroll look into Razer Basilisk V3. Razer Basilisk Version 3.


Is Logitech G502’s weight is adjustable by removing or adding 5 3.6g weights in addition to its cover for weights that are removable? However, even at its lightest weight, it’s still pretty heavy.

Comfort Of Use

The ergonomics are great. With its slanted shape with a thumb rest was made for right-handed people. Overall, it’s an enormous mouse that isn’t suitable for users who have small hands, since it can be difficult to access the sniper button.

Claw Grip: Hand Size Recommendation

This mouse works great with a claw grip, excluding those with smaller hands. As with palm grips, smaller hands are likely to be unable to reach the button to snipe.

Wireless Versatility

It is a mouse that can only be wired however, there is a version that’s wireless. If you want a wireless version for this model, you can check out the Logitech G502LIGHTSPEED Wireless. Also, you can check out similar models corsair IRON CLAW RGB Wireless.


Its controls are fantastic. Every button, except for the wheel unlock can be programmed and the mouse comes with both a profile button and CPI switcher to make it simpler to switch between them when playing. If you’re looking for a mouse that’s the same shape, however with a four-button Dpad on the left take a look at the Cooler Master MM830.

Mouse Compatibility

The Logitech G HUB software can be installed on Windows or macOS This mouse can be fully compatible and comes with fully customizable support for both.

Logitech would like customers to spend all the money with a wireless gaming mouse. The latest model, the G502 Lightspeed is an unbeatable cord-free mouse that isn’t compromising built in the style of the company’s bestselling G502 Hero Gaming mouse the Lightspeed’s sleek design of 11 buttons lightweight and robust shell, and seamless 2.4GHz connection create an excellent. It also has a great battery life, but it’s not even a factor when it’s set up properly. It’s paired with the Logitech PowerPlay Wireless charging mousepad, it’s always powered.

The G502, Untethered

At first look at first glance, at first glance, the G502 Lightspeed appears like that Wired G502 Hero. It’s a right-hander that has 11 buttons solid with glossy and matte hues of black. From the top to the bottom there are two main buttons, as well as a clickable scroll wheel that has two buttons beneath it. One of them is a macro button and the second one is mechanical, which lets you select between incremental and “endless” scroll-wheel feel.

It’s a great mouse. Logitech G502 Hero is an excellent mouse, however, Logitech may have gone somewhat safe, as it’s not any significant improvement over the G502. However, for those who are looking for the latest and most powerful gaming mouse, the Hero will let you see the reason why so many gamers have been enthralled by the G502 model from Logitech.

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