Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Black Friday Deals 2022.

Wireless earphones are coming to be increasingly more noticeable as brands continue to kill off the 3.5 mm headphone jack from our smartphones. There are superior alternatives such as the Bose QC35 and also Sony WH1000XM3, yet if you do not seem like plopping down there are plenty of various other options for a lot, a lot less.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Black Friday Deals

Now is one brand name that’s been tossing out a lot of economical audio equipment, and also among its most popular offerings are the Mpow 059 earphones. They’re ranked as the best-seller for over-ear earphones on, and while they do stuff in a lot for such a low cost, Mpow’s other, slightly a lot more pricey option is most likely the far better choice for the majority of people.

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones are making waves in the market on one truth alone– they don’t cost hundreds of bucks. Lots of tech reviewers find these to be flawlessly functional Bluetooth headphones for a stunningly affordable price. To a point, we agree with this sentiment. These headphones sporting activity a lovely construct, comfortable fit, and solid connectivity. Where we find them think is in the audio high quality– while they are loud and also powerful, there were some compromises with clarity during testing. This can be fine for you, relying on the genre of your song of selection. But keep reading for the full rundown.

Here’s what you need to learn about the Mpow 059!

The sound high quality right here certainly won’t blow you away, yet it’s in fact instead delightful for all kinds of songs. Whatever does sound slightly muffled, yet it’s nothing that obstructs appreciating your tunes. Whether you’re obstructing out to Logic, CCR, or This American Life, every little thing seems completely fine.


The design is just one of the very best reasons to get the Mpow 059s. They lean in the Beats by Dre instructions with oval ear mugs that rest inside a separate headband ending in teardrop-shaped plates on either end. We bought a couple with a red and also black color design, further underscoring the Beats impact.

The inside of the band is red, while the ear cups and also outside of the band are mainly glossy black. There are some silver accents (additional accentuating that teardrop form we pointed out), which all total up to a flashy aesthetic. If you’re going for the Beats look, these do an excellent work of arriving.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

And also, there are a monstrous 8 various colors to select from, including a stealthy all-black, a black as well as environment-friendly, silver, an all-pink, increased gold, as well as more. It behaves to see Mpow providing you a lot of alternatives because much of the top-tier manufacturers skimp on design options. One point to note is that the glossy coating of the 059 makes them look a little much fewer costs than the matte, rubbery finishes of more top-dollar brands, so you will not specifically be hiding that you have a more affordable set of earphones. However, in our opinion, this does not take away from the appearance excessive.


These earphones are surprisingly comfy to put on. The earcups are constructed from faux leather covering a pseudo-memory foam. The emphasis here is on the “faux” as well as the “pseudo” because neither of these two materials seems rather as premium as something from Bose or Sony. But, although the foam isn’t quite as soft as memory foam, we were pleased with how they felt. Because they allow mugs with an oblong oval form, they fit our ears well, as well as the foam created perfectly.

The snug fit seems to affect the audio quality (we’ll reach that next) as well as additionally has the negative effects of shutting your ears off from airflow. This leads to a little warm, and also some stodginess, so exercising with these may be a bit uneasy. But also for casual, daily listening, you can conveniently neglect what they’re on. That’s also probably owed to the truth that they weigh just under 11 ounces– impressive taking into consideration how large they are.
And also, the soft, matte rubber inside of the headband with its strip of matching leather/foam makes these really nice around the top of your head, also. The 059 get above-average marks in the convenience classification.


Battery life is possibly the second-most essential feature of wireless headphones right after sound top quality, and also this is an area in which the 059 lusters. The initial version was just rated for 13-15 hrs of playback, yet complying with an update from October 2017, that’s been boosted to as much as 20. In other words, you’ve got a lot of juice for the trip, lengthy workout sessions, you name it.

Finally, a little touch that I really value is all the colors that you can choose from. There’s a range of single and also two-tone coatings in black, red, blue, pink, green, and also gray that all look wonderful in their own special way.


Corners need to be cut somewhere for earphones of this cost, and also for the 059, that however dropped on its develop quality.

The Mpow 059 are built primarily out of a really glossy plastic that immediately feels and looks low-cost. Fingerprints stick on it effortlessly and also I sense it would not stand up well at all in case of a decrease.
There’s cushioning in the headband and around the audio speakers that attempt and keep you comfy while jamming, as well as while they do alright for much shorter paying attention jobs, longer sessions typically caused some ear pain.

Last verdict

Considering that the world of wireless earphones is constantly expanding, the Mpow 059 faces tight competitors every day. This does not seem to have phased them way too much considering that they’re still reigning as the top vendor on Amazon, however, Mpow really has a newer set of headphones that cost almost the same and also are better in nearly every way.

The Mpow H1 has a more clear sound account at the expenditure of some bass, battery life is still rated for approximately 20 hours, the shiny plastic is changed with a much classier matte configuration, and also the total fit is a lot comfier for my head and ears.

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