Viewsonic PA503W 3600 Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The BestViewsonic PA503W 3600 Black Friday Deals 2022.

The ViewSonic PA503W performed well in our testing but didn’t stand out at any particular score metric. We found it perfect for demonstrations due to its high brightness, and which can be helpful in areas with ambient lighting. Even the WXGA resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio felt just like a large step up from more economical versions, which often tend to get a native aspect ratio of 4:3. Even the PA503W was underwhelming for films but shined because of its demonstration capabilities. Its fan noise is evident, and it will be a detriment for seeing pictures and annoyed a few of our people. Overall it’s an excellent alternative for instructional and company presentation usage.

Viewsonic PA503W 3600 Black Friday Deals

Together with WXGA resolution and Higher finish brightness, then the PA503W functions Fairly nicely for demonstration configurations. But if you do not mind little text appearing somewhat fuzzy one can save cash with this Epson VS250, and should you would like little text to be absolutely clear you will want to update to the Epson EX9220. This places the PA503W within a strange middle ground. It’s a great demonstration projector, but would not be our very first suggestion if you don’t need little text to seem as clear as you can but do not need to spend additional on the Epson EX9220.

Picture Quality

We Discovered the PA503W as a powerful performer for demonstrations and slideshows due to its high brightness and 16:10 aspect ratio. It made a 6 from 10 in our picture quality score metric, and it is typical among the tractors which we analyzed. Our testers enjoyed the WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution much better compared to SVGA (800 x 600), particularly when it came to text. Even the PA503W displays sharp characters, while lower resolution versions generated only readable slides.

Colors Were not very wealthy from the PA503W and it was its most important problem with picture quality. In dark spots, its own brightness appeared to clean out darker colors and we weren’t impressed with its capacity to exhibit black. Even the BenQ HT1070A drops at the same price range however is much better for home theatre use, even though the demonstration capabilities of this PA503W. If you do not watch films frequently this is not a significant matter.

Benefits of Use

Getting A 5 at our simplicity of usage evaluations, the PA503W did not stand out like the very user-friendly projector. It largely lost points because of its deficiency of flexible feet. Just the front is flexible and this also made it a lot slower to install on horizontal surfaces. The remote is simple to navigate although the menus did not sense as user-friendly as the ones of BenQ’s projectors. It’s fairly portable using a rectangular profile along with also weight of 4.9 lbs.

Viewsonic PA503W 3600


We quantified the brightness to become 2588 Lumens, Which Makes It one of The brightest projectors we analyzed. Though this really is 28 percent less than ViewSonic’s asserted brightness of 3600 Lumens, it is projected clearly in moderate ambient lighting. Colors still seem clear and true in ambient lighting, while darker colors obtained washed out. The brightness is excellent for demonstration settings but will wash out colors if you are seeing a picture in an entirely dark room.

Fan Noise

Like other ViewSonic versions, the PA503W needed an Apparently loud fan, which is particularly bothersome whilst viewing films. It made a 4 out of 10 in the particular metric, putting it one of the lowest scorers. For demonstrations, the fan sound did not feel deflecting but it looked as the projector’s lover was much more often than most other versions in our inspection.


Even the ViewSonic PA503W lists for about $460, putting it in Between noninvasive and luxury consumer projectors. It is a fantastic option for people who need a projector using a 16:10 native aspect ratio, WXGA resolution, and higher brightness. Cheaper company and education-specific projectors generally have varying ratios of 4:3 and SVGA (800 x 600) resolution.


For those looking for a projector for business or instruction which has a 16:10 aspect ratio, then the PA503W is a superb alternative. It’s far better than some of those 4:3 versions we examined, however does not break the bank such as the best scoring versions. If you’re searching for top-notch small business performance at a greater price, then the Epson Guru EX9220 is an exceeding alternate. Love bright graphics in several environments together with all the ViewSonic PA503W 3600-Lumen WXGA DLP Projector. Its own 3600 lumens of brightness may conquer surrounding lighting in several conditions, which makes it ideal for demonstration areas like boardrooms and classrooms. The 1280 x 800 WXGA native resolution is acceptable for exhibiting many documents and file types, and it’ll take up video signals to Total HD (1920 x 1080) for greater resolution resources. The projector includes a 1.55 into 1.7:1 throw ratio, and which will permit you to put it near the rear of the space in several installations.

The PA503W has one HDMI input for connecting virtual high-definition resources like Blu-ray players and HD cable/satellite boxes. Additionally, it includes two VGA inputs for analog sources, and also its own VGA output will make it possible for you to daisy-chain several projectors or screens so that they can all exhibit the same source. Analog audio input and output signal along with an onboard 2W speaker system help to ensure that audio communicates your own video. The projector features a VGA cable and an IR remote controller. This projector is acceptable for linking to some HDMI-enabled apparatus and may display 3D pictures straight from 3D Blu-ray gamers. 3D pictures can be seen with discretionary ViewSonic PGD-350 Shutter Glasses or some other compatible 3D eyeglasses.

With all the Quick Power Away Feature enabled, the projector may be powered in seconds instead of waiting to get a cool-down bicycle to finish. This allows users to package the projector Away without needing to be worried about the inner fan.

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