WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best WD My Book Black Friday Deals 2022.

The Ones That go Searching for a My Novel product Background will find That ten apparatus have utilized this moniker, and over the decades they have been created with USB, Firewire, and eSATA relations, and also in a plethora of capacities.

WD My Book Black Friday Deals

They are mainly made to be directly attached to your host PC or Mac, giving somewhere to offline documents which are no longer needed on the machine or to copy the ones which are onto it. Most models include one 3.5″ hard disk mounted at an Enclosure that’s not designed to function as user-accessible, even though a number of the double drive versions have enabled push replacements. Today, we’ll be Taking a Look at the newest 2020 incarnation of this Western Digital My Novel, which appears remarkably similar to the 2016 variant, but with great capacities.


When Western Digital Stopped attempting to create the My Novel series seem like real novels, it revealed that a huge improvement in design. As well as the two-tone wavy/flat styling still looks great with this newest version. Nevertheless, the Designer’s love of glossy black vinyl which is included with clear vinyl to be peeled off is not without its own issues. Once static billed by the elimination of this security, dust is drawn to the My Novel like wasps into a picnic.

Preparing the driveway Is remarkably easy; it is an issue of attaching the supplied power pack along with the USB cable into the computer. This variant does not have a power on/off change, so the drive becomes active the moment it’s connected. Together with the USB Type-B Micro link on the rear, along with the barrel electricity outlet, the only other outside characteristic of note is that a Kensington lock slot, allowing the My Novel to be secured.

WD My Book

Within the glistening black Case is really a WD Red, also 8TB from the inspection version, along with the electronic equipment to allow this SATA mechanism to be interfaced to USB. For those interested, obtaining the physical drive from the enclosure likely entails destroying the circumstance. And, we would only urge that activity in the event the driveway was out guarantee, and you guessed the USB board PSU had expired, rather than the real drive. And, in case you have used The hardware safety option, yanking the driveway may not receive your information back anyhow. This device Is Intended for background use, and so it was Provided with a fantastic length USB cable which should hit from the desk into some floor-mounted personal computer easily. By default, My Novel comes pre-formatted in exFAT allowing Contemporary PC and Mac computers to see the contents right, and also on the drive is the WD Discovery package for the two platforms prepared to set up.


As we have already mentioned that the inspection drive is marketed for 8TB, and Without dismantling it, we have assumed the drive inside is really a WD RED mechanism of the same capacity. This mechanism Is Intended to get NAS box usage and is consequently Designed to provide reliable long-term operation, very low energy consumption, and minimal heat production. What’s was not constructed to provide was a top performance, but compared with SSDs bodily forces are comparative snails for their hare-like solid-state counterparts.

If the pc that is connected only has traditional difficult Drives, and this will not be a problem. However, in comparison to SATA and NVMe SSDs My My Novel is slow. And, acquiring an SSD on your system will not enhance the operation of the unit.

Performance and usage

We conducted several artificial evaluations on the My Novel 8TB linked to some USB 3.0 interface (USB 3.2 Gen 1), and each of them pointed to some plateau at about 190MB/s for studying and 180MB/s for writes. That is about half what you could expect in the SATA SSD Externally connected through USB 3.0, also approximately a fifth of their very best NVMe SSD outside drives linked through USB 3.2 Gen two vents. It is faster than the equal Seagate external forces, however, Neither is fast.

In Case You Have a comprehensive system to copy into the My Novel this Would always be a matter of hours workout because little files would lessen the transfer rate further. To make this scenario more palatable a backup program that concentrates only on documents that have changed is demanded, as well as also the WD Backup tool provides that attribute. But what it will not do will be a stay dynamic backup, procuring only on An hourly or daily basis. If You Would like to procure a system Promptly, the My Novel Probably is not the hardware that you want.

Final verdict

What is good about the My Novel is It Is remarkably simple to use and configure, function as the definition of a plug-in-and-go situation. It utilizes the universally approved USB 3.0 Type-A link, most Owners will probably be operationally within minutes of utilizing your apparatus and prepared to utilize the exact ample storage capability indoors. There are two major issues here that Have to Be confronted, In our view, those of redundancy and procuring live statistics. Possessing one drive saving potentially significant information is Always something of a gamble considering that bodily mechanics can, and do, go wrong. Thus, we would not advise putting any documents on My Novel which you don’t shop anyplace, in the event of failure.

Our other criticism is the lack of a stay backup alternative from the WD Discovery collection. The Ones That work in the home, such as most people Nowadays, need files They have been altered to be procured the instant that they have shut them not an hour after. That raises the likelihood that information will not be procured before something unfortunate occurs. The My Novel needs that attribute incorporating, bundled together with it, rather than As a paid additional. Western Digital may have enhanced the operation with SSD Caching, however, it decided to maintain the My Novel simple and likely more dependable as an outcome. We guess that the next generation of My Novel will get this attribute And provide USB 3.2 Gen two connectivity, yet this model functions for the widest possible choice of consumers at the moment, seriously .It May was not anything revolutionary, but if You Have to ditch 8TB, or even more, of info in your personal computer and have it accessible, the Western Digital My Novel does this work admirably.

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